This time it’s Design in India!

Design in India

Design in India – vast opportunities ahead!

modi“Make in India is vital yet ‘Design in India’ similarly critical for Digital India. We have to make items in diverse dialects and age bunches. It is a business sector of 125 crore indians,” the Prime Minister said at the dispatch of Digital India Week on 1st July 2015 here at New Delhi.

After ‘Make in India’, Prime Minister Narendar Modi on Wednesday gave a call for ‘Design in India’, aimed at creating products of choice for different age groups. It is also aimed at expeditiously cutting imports of electronic goods by making India a technology hub.

Prime Minister Modi additionally admonished the big fishes of India’s IT industry to help the new generation of electronic gadgets and cyber products in the nation, as a feature of the ‘Make in India’ activity, to lessen reliance on imports. He also raised the question that why IT giants like Google and Microsoft didn’t started in India although there are plenty of Indian brains working there. This is the main reason why he called for ‘Design in India’ campaign along with ‘Digital India’.

“It is insufficient for India to say that it is an old civilisation, and a nation of 125 crore people with great demography. Advanced innovation should be mixed with computerized qualities and skills,” he said.
Prime Minister Modi said that India may have missed the Industrial Revolution, yet would not miss the IT upset. The Prime Minister guaranteed full backing to youthful business people who wished to dispatch new businesses and want to explore new horizons in the cyber world. He called upon the adolescent to advance and said ‘Design in India’.
Prime Minister Modi said the second most astounding import in India was that of electronic products which could be diminished through ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’ activities.
Prime Minister Modi raised concers of bloodless war and warned the people about possible unwanted cyber attacks to steal dustructs their surroundings. He also addressed the youth to sharpen their nails in cyber world that can prevent such attacts.
Solequantum strongly supports PM’s views and ideologies and ready to invest efforts in the cyber world.

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