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Rise of Geolocation Based Mobile Services

geolocation-1Geolocation is the vital aspects of mobile apps

Smartphones have become increasingly versatile devices since past few years, and the data produced by them is increasingly used to monitor social trends in urban areas. Whether it’s monitoring traffic flows or even tracking our nocturnal activity, researchers are finding gold in mobile data.
This trend is set to continue, with apps such as Density claiming to track the business of various locations such as cafes and bars.
It works by tapping into the infrared sensors that are located in the doorway of a business. These are connected to the web and therefore produce data that Density taps into.
It’s designed to give business owners and policy makers a better idea of just how busy a place is without going through the laborious task of standing and counting through flow.
It also has public applications however. For instance, you might use it to figure out the best (ie quietest) time to visit your gym or favorite cafe.
Thus far the system has only been rolled out in around a dozen businesses in the Bay Area, so the network is relatively limited in size, but they plan to roll it out more widely at quite a pace.

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