Smart Business – An interesting study

Smart study for Smart Business!

smart businessIndia is a land of vast opportunities. It is emerging as one of the fastest growing economy of the world today. It is the best time how we can take benefits of flexible and business friendly policies declared by Indian Government in recent time.

Currently India is celebrating ‘Digital India’ week. People are becoming smart, Businesses are becoming smart is short India is becoming smart. Smart Business means maximum outcome at minimum investment. Many time we see people who have ideas but do not have enough money to invest. A nice question arises here is how one can have a smart business? with minimum investment of course.

Let’s try to identify the answer by having a look on some of existing business models in India. Think of India’s leading business giant
Flipkart was launched with just as an e-Commerce website. Initially they tied up with few book sellers and started selling books from their websites. The primary investment they did was just their own e-Commerce website. Soon they started offering wide range of goods from different suppliers to the buyers. This step was a turning point for an e-Commerce industry in India and rest is the business

The success story of Flipkart pin points one thing here that one can start a business just by offering services. Merchants are everywhere. Buyers are also everywhere. So be a medium or channel how buyer and a merchant can do the business through you and this is a key to smart business.

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