Magento 1.9 CE “What’s New”

Have you checked Magento 1.9 CE?


Magento 1.9 CE is available for users and developers! It offers merchants a new set of features that help create compelling shopping experiences across all devices. It has also unleashed some exciting features for developers as well

The most striking (and obvious) change in 1.9 is Magento’s embrace of Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design principles are aimed at a unified experience from desktop to mobile to whatever – keeping the customer experience the same, and lowering your designer’s overall effort to display your site across devices. The new version of Magento displays this via their new default theme.

Another interesting change in 1.9 is the additions (and subtractions) from the checkout process. ‘Cross Border Trade’ has been introduced to ease EU merchants administration. This will allow you to display the same price across regions regardless of tax structure. The Ebay/PayPal partnership is becoming a bit more apparent as well. 1.9 has introduced several new PayPal options into the checkout process. Bill Me Later is now available by default. Merchants will still be paid as they normally would when customers check out and the transaction fee is the same, but customers can choose to have 6 months to pay off their purchase. Merchants also have the ability to use PayPal if credit card processing fails, adding options for clients to complete checkout who may be having issues with their credit cards. You can now disable the order review page within PayPal Express Checkout if you would like to do so, speeding checkout that much more. Other UI improvements in the checkout include the elimination of needing to click “update” before placing an order, and allowing the use of widgets in the mini shopping cart. You can also change quantities or remove items from your cart without refreshing. This is made possible with the use of Ajax calls, which brings Magento a little more up to date with its technology.

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