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Rise of Geolocation Based Mobile Services

geolocation-1Geolocation is the vital aspects of mobile apps

Smartphones have become increasingly versatile devices since past few years, and the data produced by them is increasingly used to monitor social trends in urban areas. Whether it’s monitoring traffic flows or even tracking our nocturnal activity, researchers are finding gold in mobile data.
This trend is set to continue, with apps such as Density claiming to track the business of various locations such as cafes and bars.
It works by tapping into the infrared sensors that are located in the doorway of a business. These are connected to the web and therefore produce data that Density taps into.
It’s designed to give business owners and policy makers a better idea of just how busy a place is without going through the laborious task of standing and counting through flow.
It also has public applications however. For instance, you might use it to figure out the best (ie quietest) time to visit your gym or favorite cafe.
Thus far the system has only been rolled out in around a dozen businesses in the Bay Area, so the network is relatively limited in size, but they plan to roll it out more widely at quite a pace.

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This time it’s Design in India!

Design in India

Design in India – vast opportunities ahead!

modi“Make in India is vital yet ‘Design in India’ similarly critical for Digital India. We have to make items in diverse dialects and age bunches. It is a business sector of 125 crore indians,” the Prime Minister said at the dispatch of Digital India Week on 1st July 2015 here at New Delhi.

After ‘Make in India’, Prime Minister Narendar Modi on Wednesday gave a call for ‘Design in India’, aimed at creating products of choice for different age groups. It is also aimed at expeditiously cutting imports of electronic goods by making India a technology hub.

Prime Minister Modi additionally admonished the big fishes of India’s IT industry to help the new generation of electronic gadgets and cyber products in the nation, as a feature of the ‘Make in India’ activity, to lessen reliance on imports. He also raised the question that why IT giants like Google and Microsoft didn’t started in India although there are plenty of Indian brains working there. This is the main reason why he called for ‘Design in India’ campaign along with ‘Digital India’.

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Get 3D model of your dream home


Your dream home as 3D model

Everyone want to have a dream home at some stage of life. Or before starting construction of a dream home, everyone wish if he/she could see how his/her home would look like. Plenty of 3d technologies are available now a days using which, everyone can have a look 3d model of their requirements before actual construction begins. That’s called ‘3d model Rendering’.

We have a team of professionals who are expert in 3D rendering & modeling and can help you to render a 3d model of your dream home in a virtual world. Our AutoDesk certified team can materialize your ideas, your requirements and your desires in a form of an eye catching 3d model. The outcome would be a dream home of yours and your loved ones.

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One stop software development destination

Looking for a software development partner?

software development

We can serve you better ad you can rely on us. We provide web based as well as mobile based solution no matter how complex the requirements are. Our dynamic and highly professional team can certainly help you to materialize your requirements at affordable rate. We can serve you as your IT partner.

Our services includes, website development, e-Commerce development and mobile app development. We also offer 3D modeling and rendering services as well as construction plans.

So hurry, rush and contact us today. Please feel free to share your requirements with us. Our experts will revert you back once we analyze your requirements.

In a one sentence, your one stop software development destination hunting comes to an end with us.

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