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Importance of SEO for your online business


There are lots of reasons why SEO is important for your online business. The most obvious reason for having your site fully optimised for SEO is that search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that your business website is visible to potential customers. In other words, without good SEO your attractive and informative website, no matter how good, might never be able to be seen and will not attract customers towards your services or products.

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Importance of mobility solutions


How mobility solutions means to the business?

Since past few years the importance of mobility solutions is increasing worldwide. There has been a considerable portion of internet traffic coming these days found to be originated from mobile platform. Ease of use and ease of connectivity of mobile platforms are among the main reasons for it. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Window mobile platform are the main game changer as user can surf almost anything using his fingers.

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Web Development – Let us work for you


Since we all know, no business can last long without web presence. To have a appropriate website is a must have feature for every business. Website is a way or a medium how your products or services can get global & deeper market reach. It helps you to promote your business without being physically present to the customers.
So we can derive conclusion that website helps your business to increase the online presences as well as consumer reachability.

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Smart Business – An interesting study

Smart study for Smart Business!

smart businessIndia is a land of vast opportunities. It is emerging as one of the fastest growing economy of the world today. It is the best time how we can take benefits of flexible and business friendly policies declared by Indian Government in recent time.

Currently India is celebrating ‘Digital India’ week. People are becoming smart, Businesses are becoming smart is short India is becoming smart. Smart Business means maximum outcome at minimum investment. Many time we see people who have ideas but do not have enough money to invest. A nice question arises here is how one can have a smart business? with minimum investment of course.

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Boost your business with Mobile Ecommerce

mobile ecommerce

How mobile ecommerce can boost my business?

Recent surveys and expert analysis shows round about 33% ecommerce order, placed last year in 2014 were placed from mobile ecommerce apps rather than ecommerce websites compared to 23% in 2013 and 12% in 2012. These statistic clearly indicate that in only 2 years, mobile’s contribution to total sales has skyrocketed by 175% which shows the growing popularity of mobile ecommerce apps over ecommerce websites.

Today around 1/3 of total smartphone and tablet users intend to do more shopping on their mobile ecommercemobile devices so if your brand has been considering a responsive redesign, now is the time to get started!

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This time it’s Design in India!

Design in India

Design in India – vast opportunities ahead!

modi“Make in India is vital yet ‘Design in India’ similarly critical for Digital India. We have to make items in diverse dialects and age bunches. It is a business sector of 125 crore indians,” the Prime Minister said at the dispatch of Digital India Week on 1st July 2015 here at New Delhi.

After ‘Make in India’, Prime Minister Narendar Modi on Wednesday gave a call for ‘Design in India’, aimed at creating products of choice for different age groups. It is also aimed at expeditiously cutting imports of electronic goods by making India a technology hub.

Prime Minister Modi additionally admonished the big fishes of India’s IT industry to help the new generation of electronic gadgets and cyber products in the nation, as a feature of the ‘Make in India’ activity, to lessen reliance on imports. He also raised the question that why IT giants like Google and Microsoft didn’t started in India although there are plenty of Indian brains working there. This is the main reason why he called for ‘Design in India’ campaign along with ‘Digital India’.

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